So this starts my  third attempt at running Ultra distance races.  I guess lets get the obvious out of the way right now.  Why run?  its a fair question to ask.  I have been sitting on a bike riding and racing around the world since I was 5 years old…its what I do and to some extent who I am.  I own a bike shop with my wife, I am a coach of cyclists etc….so why run?  and better yet why race?

To me, when I am running on a trail in the mountains or foothills I escape.  everything slows down and things become calm and clear.  The sounds, the smells are so awakening to me.  I love those sensations, I can’t get enough of it.

Race?  well, that is what I do.  I have done some races, up to a 50km, I have even won some races in the past…put it never lasts.  I always injure myself.

Oh the places you go running

Oh the places you go running

“I can’t get enough of it”  this is the problem.  When I run i tend to ease into it for a week or so, and then the next thing I know I am running 70+ miles a week with a smile on my face.  And then my body stops working.  My right “hip” is typically the thing that stops me from continuing.  I imagine its a case of too much too soon (duh) and the fact that I have been hunched over a bike for 35 years.

What will be different this time?  first, I have someone, a coach, an accountability officer to guide me…Karl Meltzer.  More yoga. more stretching.  more visits to my chiro.  I hope this will be a good place to start from

alright, enough talk.  Time to go run