This week was the last week of “work” before I start the taper into Lake Sonoma 50 on 4/14

Miles ran: 62.3

Time on the feet running: 554 min

Vertical gain: 8500′

Shoes worn: 3 pair of Altra Lone Peak 3.5s

This past week was tough.  I spent a lot of time down at the Yuba, looking for vert for specific workouts, or terrain similar to that of the Lake Sonoma course.  From the get go, I felt a little flat.  I tried really hard to get recovery every way possible.  Easy runs were easy, naps were taken, good food was eaten, I even had a great session floating at Revival Float center.  I am sure all the effort to recover helped, but the first “workout” of the week and I didnt hit any stellar sensations.  Should that be expected at the end of a 3 week block?  I could see that, but I did expect a little more of myself.  Flared Nostrils proof of my efforts

I ran down to the Yuba at Jones bar as my warm up, then did 4 x 8 min “tough” efforts out, with 4 min recovery in between.  I started what felt conservative, so I could finish strong and not fade…I ran the first 3 pretty much equal, but the last one sucked.  the pace overall was slower than the usual. So I turned my attention to rest and recovery for the final big workout on Saturday.

A day off and a couple “easy” runs and Saturdays big run was upon me.  3.5 hours with 3.5 to 4.5 vert…back to the Yuba for me.  This time I drove down to Purdon Crossing to take advantage of the South Yuba trail to Edwards Crossing and Round Mountain trail.  This terrain is very similar to LS50.

From the get go I felt bad.  Actually threw up, well dry heaved at mile 3…the day didnt get any better.  I actually cant recall feeling that physically bad in my life ever.  I knocked out the vert and the time, but the sensations left me feeling pretty horrible.  I guess my take away is this; 3 week block of training, 60+ miles per week was a lot for me and I am frayed for sure.

Sunday I was able to get in a short easy run, just to make sure I could still run…I could, it was a miracle.  But the unraveling continues…I am now sick…uggg. run ragged right on the edge I guess.  Fingers crossed for a quick turn around.  health, Fresh legs and mind are all I need now.

side note, I happened upon a podcast from 2015 on ultrarunnerpodcast with Bob Shebest and I picked up 2 gems.  “I had a great 1st half…..”  means nothing in ultra running.  And you want to set yourself up to run the best part of the race in the last 25% of the race.

Well, I think I am skipping today’s run in hopes of getting rid of this cold……