Hey there everyone(that means you Jason Benford) its been awhile since I posted to this blog.  Strangely its exactly 2 years since my last post and pretty much the same race report.  Honestly I could copy and paste the report from 2 years ago and it would read almost the same, except 4 min faster.  Wet sloppy course, stacked field and a ripping free flying opening 17 miles…….and then I started going backwards.  I have spent plenty of time being disappointed and trying to figure out what I should have done differently, but I have found no answers in that.  The general consensus from my running hombres is that I need to slow down a bit.  SLOW DOWN A BIT?  WTF?  this is the opposite of what I want to do!  This is what I cant wrap my little brain around.  I was happily running the pace I ran in the opening 17 miles…with ease…smile on my face…fueling on point..enjoying the conditions and just generally really happy.  Then as if  slow Chris tagged in for the closing 13 miles.  Not even pushing….just going slow.


Happy Chris, running fast to the highway

My Thoughts went dark right away and no matter how much I tried to fight my inner monologue, I couldnt turn it around.  I doubted my training (sorry Brett, I didnt mean it), I complained about the weather, just turned into a little bitch.  I hate that!  These moments are the ones where you are supposed to rise up and fight….I feel like I didnt even try, I just expected it to come easy.  EASY?  how in the hell is this easy?  IDIOT!

So I crossed the line, the finish line people came over and gave  me a prize for 2nd in my age group and told me good job.  I walked back to my van, changed, drank some tea and contemplated leaving.  Sort of  feeling sorry for myslef….still disappointed, I decided to go walk around the expo area and go watch some finishers.  That was a good idea. 1.  I got to talk to Mr. D for a good 30 min.  He cheered me right up and told me if I dropped from LS50 he would break my legs.  2. I got to watch some people finish their Way Too Cool journeys.  Quickly I found myself cheering people on inspired by their faces!  YEAH SPORTS! You always get me fired up.  Happy, I drove home to the wife and pups and shared my journey with them

Lets Roll back a bit, to Like September.  I decided I was going to run more this year and have it be healthy and not crippling.  I had to come up with a training plan to balance my busy schedule with work and travel…for that means accountability.  I needed to hire a coach.  A coach needs a coach?  YES I DO!  I did a ton of research and finally called the crew at http://www.trailsandtarmac.com .  their virtual vibe drew me in like Odysseus to the Sirens, well done guys.  After first contact I was connected with Brett Horning, a young gun runner living in Ashland, Or.  He seemed to be unphased by my schedule and my goals, so I figured he knew what he was doing or he really needed the money…either way, like Odysseus I signed up.  I feel like Brett and I clicked fast and I really wanted to complete the workouts, no matter the travel, work, weather or conditions…….I found myself running in cities all over the nation, early mornings, late night head lamp runs, running long runs back to host housing from races. I just got it done.  Tobin (www.tobinortenblad.com) totally had my back and sometimes helped me get “out the door” while we were on the road to complete my workouts.  I tend to immerse myself in the work and never do anything for myself.  Turns out, I can do both.  Thanks Tubbs.

So Brett and I nail 8 weeks of great consistent training and I am starting to get anxious about testing myself…Enter the Foresthill Divide 30km. I asked Brett if this fit in the schedule and he gave the nod and programmed in a tapper.  I had a blast in this race.  I ran hard but smart and ended up 4th over all 7:38 min/per mile.  I was really happy with this and really looking to running a similar pace at Way Too Cool….as you read, we missed that mark.

So what is next?  Next is my first 50 mile trail race ever.  The Lake Sonoma 50.  I have no idea what to expect, but I am nervously looking forward to the challenge.  I find this sport easy to get swept away by.  Everyone is super cool, gals, guys, fast slow, everyone is just super cool and I dig it.  I will try to post about the next 38 days training, building towards my first 50 miler

Closing thougths:

many thanks to Altra Running for the amazing support on my feet.  this is my 3rd year running for Team Red.

Brett Horning, Trails and Tarmac, Hollie, Tobin, Wolfman, Kate, Tim, Tiana and the whole damn community for always encouraging me.

-would you ever go to bed without brushing your teeth?  NO…So why would you skip a workout…..same thing

-PAIN is french for bread