One week post Way Too Cool. A restful week, pretty easy running. I logged about 34 miles with a total of 3200ft and all really easy.   I tried to get sick after WTC, I actually did get sick, but rested the shit out of it and beat it.  Ironically my knee started to give me the classic pain on todays run that I always get in March…so I am paying close attention to that.   If the body cooperates, it is time to turn the attention to Lake Sonoma 50 miler.  This will be my first so lots of unknown for me.  Really, I am going to do the training and try to execute a good race day.   I have been doing a lot of research on the course and race reports, gathering information.  I plan on heading down to the race are on 3/24 for an organized run of about 25 miles on the course so that should be good.  Other than that, not much to report.  I am testing the idea of racing with a race vest for LS50.  So I will be doing all my training in one (or a couple of them) but right now I think it will be the Ultraspire Momentum

so far so good

I have about 25 miles in the vest with 2 full bottles, cell phone and a jacket. No complaints yet, which I cant believe.  I seem to very particular about my hydration vests. We will see how it goes.

wish me luck in the coming weeks as the training picks back up!