We are 4 weeks out from race day at Lake Sonoma 50.  Training last week went pretty well, another piece of gear was tested and I am headed down to Sonoma this Weekend to get some miles on the course…everything seems to be on point.

Last weeks training stats:

miles: 62.2

time: 505 minutes

vert: 9312′

shoes:  I ran in 3 different pair of Altra Lone Peak 3.5s

I was pretty happy overall with how the running went.  I dont feel fast fast, like I did prior to Foresthill Divide 30km race back in February, but I understand that I am coming out of a recovery week and the second week of building…so I will take it.  Body is feeling pretty good.  Had a little back thing and the posterior tibia region is a little fired up, but I think I have a handle on it.

Some pics from last Saturdays run, I went down to the south fork of the Yuba river at Jones Bar 4 times and more importantly climbed out 4 times.  Tuesday, I was down there as well….and those rocks were all under water!


The piece of gear I tried this week was again from Ultraspire.  https://ultraspire.com/products/fitted-waist-belt/  fitted waist belts are all the rage right now it seems like.  I dont have much to say about this one.  I doubt I will ever use it again.  I tried to carry a soft flask in it and my cell phone.  It bounced so much I contemplated just carrying it in my hand.  I dont think I can recovery from this first run to try it again….


This week looks to be another 55 to 65 mile week with some specific hill work and of course I get to run on the Lake Sonoma 50 course (25 miles of it)  Jason Benford is joining me for the run on Saturday..I hope the weather isnt too gnarly for us…drowned rat training is over rated

My Altra Lone Peak 3.5s are treating me well.  Ok, well that is it, I am out the door for a run and then into the shop to sand some joints on bike frames (www.mcgoverncycles.com)

I will take some pics of Jason this weekend and hopefully write something worth reading.  thanks