Ahhhhhhhh, a rest week!  That was necessary and very beneficial.  My body was in pretty good shape post Lake Sonoma, with the exception of my left quad.  A couple days off and it seemed to be doing much better.  Some things I noticed, I had a ferocious appetite and I was sleeping 9 to 11 hours a night.  Bam! In addition to massive amounts of sleep, I also went to the Revival Float center for a nice float (if you havent tried floating, i highly recommend it) and I had a great lesson with Kate Flore, my integrative Movement Specialist, AKA Feldnekrizzle!

7 days post LS50 I turned 45…yes on 420.  Dont worry, I didnt get all smokey, I left that to the others……..45 for some reason bothered me as a number.  I dont know why, I feel like I am 25 and act like I am 18…..but time marches on and waits for no one.  So I will take this moment to remember that every second counts and damn it, I am going to maximize every second.  Dont let the gray hairs in my chin fool ya…the peanut in my skull is still young.0426181724_hdr.jpg

During this week “off” (I have been working a shit ton) we also rented 18 goats to help with the fire abatement of the property.  These goats are sure personable and do a heck of a job eating brush.  Down side, is the dogos have to be on lock down and dont have their normal free reign on the property.  Hollie and I have been walking the dogs off property 3 times a day, well I usually only go on the evening walk…Hollie is making sure the dogs get to burn off some energy.


Speaking of burning off energy, during my rest week I was starting to go a little stir crazy, so I went on a bike ride or 2.  I always say I am going to try to run 60 and ride 60 miles per week, but that hasnt happened as of yet.  It was nice to get out on the Splice bike


So with the rest week over it was time to resume training.  Brett Horning, my coach from Trails and Tarmac and I had been talking every couple of days, checking in on my recovery.  First week back to running will be and has been pretty light.  3 days of flat 45 min runs, 1 day off and then some “longer runs with hills”  but the longest run is 80 min…so really just re entry.  It is always nice to check in with how the feet are working, so I have been running in my Altra Superior 3.0 shoes all week.  I find these shoes to be great performing shoes, but I also have incredible sense of “touch”.  I feel like proprioception really takes over and my mechanics really re organize.  I love it…why dont I run in these all the time?  I dont think my feet are strong enough yet…they tend to get tired / sore around 40kms in these.


The first 3 runs of the week have been super mellow and it feels great to be outside on the trail.  We are having amazing weather and I am happy to be out in it.  1 little niggle has popped up.  My left quad, the VMO specifically is sort of saying “hello” to me on these short runs.  I am doing my best to work it out asap.  Wednesday I went and had a wonderful massage from the ever so talented Anne King…she found some stuff!  haha.  Interesting that my right hamstring was a wreck as well as my left quad….some diagonal fascial stuff from a compensation pattern no doubt!  I will keep working on it.  But this 45 year old kid is pretty happy and glad to resume training


What is next?  I put my hat in the ring for Broken Arrow Sky race in mid June.  I figure it will be a very difficult day on the feet, at altitude with a ton of vert…great prep for Tahoe Rim Trail 50 miler in late July.  So here we go!  part 2 of my running season is on!

Other exciting news, well…I think it is exciting, I am going to be making some super light weight and packabe trekking poles for the Sky Race.  As things develop I will post up about that.  First design is done,  Materials have been ordered and are coming my way.  I think I can make these come in around 270grams per set…yes, I am a dork.

ok, get on out there!