Not much going on around here of note.  Lots of work getting a few bikes done before the, one of which will be raffled off with 4 other builders bikes.  All proceeds go to the Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship…pretty cool. I will get a link up so you can buy a ticket or 10 if you so desire.  Also, in the bike dept, I have had a few side jobs pop up, an old Waterford rebuild and a brand New Stigmata complete build.  All Good Stuff!

The running has been going good too, although I feel like I am not getting enough vert…

the last couple of weeks looked like this

Miles:  52, 65

Time: 433min, 542min

Vertical: 5121ft, 6438ft

Shoes: Altra Superior 3.5 and Lone Peak 3.5

Broken Arrow, my next race has 11k vert in 52kms….so you can understand why that is on my mind.

The weather has been stellar and the the views have me feeling like I am in some remote alpine setting or something.  I have got to enjoy it now, because it will be smoking hot and brown before you know it.  Also, toying with really exploring Grouse Ridge / Spaulding area much more this summer.  Come join me…I dont want to get lost alone! haha

Speaking of exploring…that snow is melting fast in the high country and I think it wont be long until we can get on the TRT course and do some recon.  Pretty excited about that.

Not much to report.  Just happy to be moving along and having a great time.  I hope you are too