Things have been pretty “normal” here since the Broken Arrow DNF.  I got my head out of my ass and actually I am very grateful for the lessons learned from Broken Arrow.  Next, I have the opportunity to test these measures in the 50 mile Tahoe Rim Trail race 7/21


broken arrow up

I actually resumed training right away after BA.  Felt fairly good and knocked out a solid week knocking out a 63 mile week.  Maybe it was all the Western States excitement or maybe it was getting up in the high country for some runs with friends…whatever it was, Its been a lot of fun.

Western always brings excitement, emotion, and motivation, but getting out in the mountains fills the soul.  So far this summer I have been getting up there and out there at a pretty good interval.  I would be up there all the time if I could…but Then I wouldnt get any work done.  Need to figure out how to transplant my life into a higher elevation.

This past Sunday marked 2 weeks to TRT, so the taper begins.  This always makes me a little nervous, but I will trust my coach and I will pay attention to how I respond.  1 thing I know, I have had a great block of running since recovering from Lake Sonoma and I am excited for the next race.  in the last 3 weeks the mileage has been good and really fun:  63 miles, 8k vert…73 miles, 11,600 vert….64 miles, 8k vert.  pretty stoked about that.

Not much else to report…biz as usual.

I could do a gear review on some shorts if anyone is interested….let me know with a comment if you anyone wants to hear about my experiences…I have been running in Patagonia Pro Striders 5″ forever…..and have been testing the waters with some other shorts.  LaSportiva, Ruhn, Altra….cusious?