I have not been very good about updating the blog during the Fall…which isnt all too strange as I travel a ton as a coach / mechanic for the Santa Cruz / Donkey Label cyclocross team.  I have done a really good job of staying consistent with my running while out on the road.  No matter how bad the running was, I got it in and knocked off a bunch of 60 mile weeks.   Sad news is, the star rider of the program, Tobin Ortenblad , http://www.tobinortenblad.com crashed and broke his clavicle about 10 days ago…so the season came to an abrupt stop.  No traveling and running at home is nice, but one of my jobs is to be out there on the road this time of year.  These things happen of course, I am actually surprised I wasnt better prepared for such a scenario, but we live and we learn.  I have made the most of being home though.

One thing I have been able to nail down is my race schedule for 2019.  Last year, I made gains, raced longer races, but never really walked away from a race really satisfied.  I have spend a lot of time thinking about this…from a lot of different angles and at the end of the day, I have no answer.  So what the hell, I will up the ante for 2019. Here is my proposed (registered for) schedule

1/19/19 Capitol Forest 25km Olympia, Wa

2/16/19 Fourmidable 50km Auburn, Ca

4/27/19 The Canyons 100km Foresthill, Ca

7/13/19 Siskiyou Out and Back (S.O.B.) Ashland, Or

8/24/19 Castle Peak 100km Truckee, Ca

Its a packed calendar with 3, 100kms. Some may submit that there isnt enough time in between S.O.B. and Castle Peak…but I think I have a plan for that.  which will consist of recovery, hiking and sleeping with some running sprinkled  on top.  We shall see if I can carry the fitness from the season and float it to Castle Peak.  The biggest challenge will be to remain balance with family, work and play all the while staying healthy.  I like it on paper.  I feel good about it.  I am going with it….curious to hear what coach Brett says.

Also, new for 2019 I will have a some product support from UltraSpire. http://www.ultraspire.com .  This is pretty awesome to me, because I already exclusively use their products.  Excited to be on board with them.  Check them out.

Altra,  I will find out around the 1st of the year if I will be asked back to the Altra Red Team.  I sure hope so.  http://www.altrarunning.com their shoes and now clothing are second to none in my opinion.

Ok, that is about it from me…get out there…there is snow up the hill and great trails all around

oh, if you are on Strava, give me a follow and I will follow back…love to see what everyone is up to