Heads up 2019 I am coming at you like a McGovern crossing a creek! FB_IMG_1542510310913

BAM!  (is that still a thing?)  2018 is all wrapped up and we are into the New Year.  Some newness comes with 2019 for me, but I wont be setting any resolutions.  I will just be going hard at every moment of every day all year, nothing new there.  Here is some News though, My  support network has grown and for that I am truly grateful.  Not only am I grateful, but extremely lucky.  All of the companies I am associating with are exceptional at what they do and it is a pleasure to be on their teams.  So Who are they?

First and Foremost has got to be Altra.  This will be my 5th year using Altra gear and my 4th year on their team.  The story of this company is simply inspiring but the shoes are top notch and will change you.  Yes, your feet will change, your proprioception will change and your whole chain will change.  Pretty much everything Altra makes is awesome so if you need a pair of shorts or a top…dont be affraid they are MAGIC.  check them out, http://www.altrarunning.com


Next up, Ultraspire.  Ultraspire makes packs, hydration and lighting solutions for adventure.  What is really cool to me is that I have been buying and using their products for about 4 years.  And now I get to be a part of their team.  I love the design, the materials, the construction, the fit just about everything about their products.  You just cant go wrong with Ultraspire.  Truth.  http://www.ultraspire.com  The folks that work their are just so dang nice too!


Another new relationship I have for 2019 is with Floyd’s of Leadville.  I have been using 4 or 5 different CBD based products from Floyd’s and really happy with the results.  Relax and Recover is their motto and I would say that is spot on.  Using the CBD capsules, recovery mix and balm for recovery has been really good.  My sleep has improved as well…there is also a Hydration mix I have been using.  I enjoy the taste, I dont get the sugar sweaters on my teeth and it doesnt upset my stomach. win win.  Very pleased to be adding Floyd’s of Leadville product to my arsenal.  http://www.floydsofleadville.com  be sure to read up about CBDs.  this isnt THC and CBD is really good for inflammation and recovery.


Another new company I get to share with you is Timmermade.  Dan Timmerman is a retired professional cyclist making jackets and sleep systems (and some other things) by hand, from a yurt, off the grid.  I absolutely love supporting Timmermade.  The gear is top notch, custom fit and designed for specific purpose.  I am all kitted up with ultra light weight stuff for some fastpacking and staying warm.  http://www.timmermade.com  .  Custom, quality, quick turn, environmentally sound and you talk to the 1 guy making your piece.  SO proud to support Dan and his efforts.  check out the website.  http://www.timmermade.com


The last new partner is sort of still coming together, but is with an organization I have worked on several project with in the past, am a member and respect the bejubus out of,  The Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship.  My first trail race I ever did was pretty much an off the couch 50km SBTS put on in the Lost Sierra.  I just did it to support the Stewardship.  It was one of the hardest experiences of my life but also one of the best!  The effort SBTS and their volunteers put forth for that event was incredible.  It was that effort that got my butt in gear for running, and also finding creative ways to help SBTS grow.  I brought the concept of the Lost and Found gravel race to Greg Williams and along with some other amazing folks, we hashed out a course, got a permit and put on a beautiful race…which is now one of the premier gravel events in the world.  After that I enlisted a band of brothers ( a group of frame builders and a communications magician) and we started #buildersforbuilders. where each builder built and raffled a custom Lost and Found themed bikes.  with the Help of SRAM, ENVE, WTB and the Pro’s Closet, we raised over $50,000.00 for the SBTS.  that was awesome.  So what will can I do now?  I am going to try to represent the Stewardship and their mission to the trail running community.  Encourage membership and participation from this awesome and growing user group.  Like I said, this is just starting to brew and I should have a better idea soon of what I am officially,  but whatever it is that Greg has me do,  I am excited to be doing it.  Check out the Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship.  see what they are all about.  Join.  You might be surprised to see all they do.  Downieville Classic, Lost and Found, Grinduro (and the tripple crown) not to mention build and maintain a vast expanse of multi user trails, create jobs, save old logging towns with recreation, they also have a really good time doing it(I am missing a bunch stuff they do here….)  just  JOIN!  http://www.sierratrails.org

Okay, Those are the intros of my team for this coming year.  I plan to stay healthy and happy in 2019 and push my mind and body past what I once thought possible.  I try to keep things up to date here, so follow along or on the social media.  Its going to be a great season.. Thanks for all the love!



My Race Schedule:

1/19/19 Capitol Forest 25km Olympia, Wa

2/16/19 Fourmidable 50km Auburn, Ca

4/27/19 The Canyons 100km Foresthill, Ca

7/13/19 Siskiyou Out and Back (S.O.B.) Ashland, Or

8/24/19 Castle Peak 100km Truckee, Ca


I also plan on some other adventures here and there which I will update as well.

OK, lets get after 2019.  No time like right now!  GO!