It has been awhile, I was hiding

So it has been over a year since my last post. Of course, last year I did the same thing: training a lot, signing up for a bunch of races, getting hurt and DNSing every race.  So this October when I broke my collar bone riding, it gave me plenty of time to think about what I was doing wrong, for me, to be able to run and race without destroying myself.  No coach, just my version of me and running.

Thankfully, I was able to run about 10 days after the broken clavicle.  So broken and grateful, I took things easy and slow.  I ran 3 days a week for a 3 week block.  Then 4 days a week for a 3 week block and everything was happy. After that came the ramp up in volume.  I got myself up to 60 miles per week just in time to taper for the Way Too Cool 50km. which was yesterday.  I dont think I nailed the tapper, but at least I wasnt tired going into the event.

I ran a really good first 16 miles in a quick 1 hour 44 min.  Then I just stalled.  Breathing easily and with good energy, I just could not turn my legs over on the 2nd half of the course.  Clocked a 4:17:07.  Fairly certain I can go much faster but I had a good time.  Not too beat up today and I wasnt sick to my stomach after the race. Not only that, but my bro David Leeke had a stellar day too!  The carpool and post race beers were wonderful. Pumped

Really excited to have happy feet too, Altra Olympus 2.0s are what I chose yesterday.  Tons of mud, rain and creek crossings. No prob for my Altras

Up Next is Miwok 100km…….time to train the vertical


Winter is the new Spring

This week was pretty nice for being outside, just a little worrisome with the lack of rain/snow for this time of year.  I got to spend a lot of time out side this week and I loved it.

weekly miles ran: 39.63.  Miles for the month so far 77.02

Shoes of the week: Hoka One One Mafate Speed.  They have been really good to me, I love the MAX shoes….afraid to go back…I had one issue today with a little rubbing on the outside of my right ankle, but I think I had a rock or something in there.  Pretty descent traction in the mud too. They don’t shed mud very well and get heavy fast.

Socks Injinji toe socks.  I love them.

Sorry about the order of the pics….I don’t know ho to fix that.


so this week was great.  I got to run locally and really enjoyed all the trails I linked up on foot.  So different from on a bike.  I have to re think everything.  I have also noticed that dogs hate runners more than bikes.  And dog owners could give a shit if their dog jumps at you, bites you or makes you uncomfortable.  As an owner of 4 heelers, this concerns me.  Emigrant trail at Cannibal Campgroundon a bike I can just zip away…Never thought about being dog food.  The coyote and the bear I saw today didn’t feel the need to attack me…just the domesticated house pet. I guess this will be one of the things I will have to be aware of.

Today I went up to Truckee to meet up with my bud Robb Wolf and his wonderkind, Walker.  We had a cup at wild cherries, talked about the bike industry made an exchange and parted ways.  Since it was 45deg and blue bird, I decided to go get my 12 mile run in.  So glad I did.  Emigration trail, out of the Cannibal Campground did not disappoint.  it was a little muddy here and there but great otherwise

IMG_20150124_121237There were a lot of folks out riding.  Tons of fat bikes, mountain bikes a cross bike a few hikers a few runners….basically a bunch of folks who can’t ski right now.

My run was beautiful.  The miles just ticked over with ease…I wanted to keep running all the way to Stampede….but 22 miles would be too much and this time, I am taking it slowly. Right?

I really could have run all day, so happy.

When I got back to the truck and came to terms that is was over and rejoiced that no one broke into my truck. Then I got trapped.  Trapped in the warmth of the sun.  Trapped in the joy of being in the mountains.  I am going to have to trow a folding camp chair in my truck, I wanted to sit there all day.  Instead, I changed and drove to Coffee Bar and sat outside and enjoyed the sun.  It didn’t take long before my phone started alerting me that I needed to snap out of it and get to work.  I have athletes racing at the World Cup tomorrow (cyclocross) in Hoogerheide, Holland and next week for the World Championships in Tabor, Czech Republic ( I will be there for that).  At any rate, I need to be available to them pretty much 24/7 right now.  (check out an interview I did the other day: ) again, stoked to get the 12 miles in

One more day of the weekend and I have another 12 mile run on tap. trying to figure out where I will run tomorrow. Maybe Start at White Cloud and head up. Forest service was doing prescribed burns in there today, so hopefully they are done.  If not I guess I will head up the hill again.

We leave Monday for the Czech Republic, Hopefully I get to check out some of their trail offerings.  Snow is forecast most of the time we are there, but I am going to do my best to run everyday.  anyone know any trail runners in Tabor, CZE?   Thanks for readingIMG_20150124_121400

The beginning….again

So this starts my  third attempt at running Ultra distance races.  I guess lets get the obvious out of the way right now.  Why run?  its a fair question to ask.  I have been sitting on a bike riding and racing around the world since I was 5 years old…its what I do and to some extent who I am.  I own a bike shop with my wife, I am a coach of cyclists etc….so why run?  and better yet why race?

To me, when I am running on a trail in the mountains or foothills I escape.  everything slows down and things become calm and clear.  The sounds, the smells are so awakening to me.  I love those sensations, I can’t get enough of it.

Race?  well, that is what I do.  I have done some races, up to a 50km, I have even won some races in the past…put it never lasts.  I always injure myself.

Oh the places you go running

Oh the places you go running

“I can’t get enough of it”  this is the problem.  When I run i tend to ease into it for a week or so, and then the next thing I know I am running 70+ miles a week with a smile on my face.  And then my body stops working.  My right “hip” is typically the thing that stops me from continuing.  I imagine its a case of too much too soon (duh) and the fact that I have been hunched over a bike for 35 years.

What will be different this time?  first, I have someone, a coach, an accountability officer to guide me…Karl Meltzer.  More yoga. more stretching.  more visits to my chiro.  I hope this will be a good place to start from

alright, enough talk.  Time to go run